Life Skills (ages 5-9)

Hello All and Welcome to LifeSkills (Children)! I am so happy you are taking this class because it is so very important, as some of these skills have been forgotten in most schools. This week, week #1, we will discuss various ways on how we take care of ourselves – Mind and Body. There is a lot of information here. Please review the pre-recorded videos and handouts. There are some optional worksheets/activities. I hope to see you all in the live zoom class! 

Live Zoom Class: Thursday, October 1 @ 11AM Join Zoom Meeting

Week 1

Week 2

Welcome to week #2 of Life Skills for Children. This week we will talk about planning a healthy meal and how to follow a recipe. There is even a sample recipe for you to try! See you in the Live Zoom class. 
Happy Cooking!

Zoom Live Class: 10/8 At 11AM Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 967 6872 8517 Passcode: 2020HC

Week 3

Welcome to week #3! This week we talk about responsibilities. 

Live Zoom Class: 10/15 @11 AM Join Zoom Meeting

Week 4

Welcome to Week #4 of Life skills for Children. This week we talk about Organization and Time Management.


Week 5

Welcome to week #5. This week we talk about how to handle emergencies. These are some great basic starters but ideally it would be best to take a First Aid and/or CPR class.

Week 6

Welcome to Week #6 of Lifeskills for Children. This week we talk about Healthy Relationships.