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Our founder once had a vision to create a homeschool community center for all homeschoolers. This center would serve everyone from the unschoolers to those who choose to follow a more rigorous schedule. It would offer core classes, extra curricular activities (farming, gardening, animals, etc), and teach many life skills along with academics. She envisioned a community that would be a place where homeschool parents have support whenever they need it, whether that be to just let the kids play while they chat with other parents, get homeschool tips and help, settle with a coffee, walk quietly through nature, or to browse the library available on the local campus. It brought together a harmony of all aspects of learning instead of having to go to various places and multiple co-ops.

Since she couldn’t find a co-op or community that embraced all of her vision that was affordable for all, she created a village where her children and others could thrive! The online community was born during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and she worked hard to find a natural environment to meet in person in the fall of 2021. Now we have a space a learning center, trails to explore, different ecosystems to study, and space for events.

We believe hands-on learning and immersing in nature are vital. Our families have access to unlimited possibilities and a strong, supportive village that works together.

Read our Mission Statement here.

Let’s all build an amazing community together! Please consider donating to help support our village.