Middle/High School Library Skills

Lesson #1 – What is fiction? How is it categorized?

Lesson #2 – What is Non-fiction?

Lesson #3 – The Dewey Decimal System

Lesson #4 – Resources (Newspapers, Magazines, Etc)

Lesson #5 – Poetry, Tall Tales, Science Fiction, or Fact?


Tall Tales

Science Fact or fiction?

Lesson #6 – Parts of a Book

Lesson #7 – How books are made

Lesson #8 – History of Libraries

Read here for more information on the history of libraries!

Lesson #9 – Writing a Research paper

Lesson #10 – Famous Libraries Around the World

Lesson #11 – Tour of the Library of Congress

Lesson #12 – Activity

Take what you have learned of the Dewey Decimal System and apply it to your home library. Take a picture when you have finished and send it to info@wildonesacademy.org and we will send you a certificate of completion for Library Skills!