Basic Math – Grade 6

Lesson 1

Welcome to Week #1 of Math (6th grade). Please review the material and compete the worksheets. We will go over the answers in the Live Class. If you can not attend the live class, please let me know so I can send the answers to the worksheets over to the parent so they can go over them with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Hope to see you in class!
Happy Learning!

Teacher Heather

Lesson #2

Sorry I missed you in the live Zoom class 9/18 @ 11. It took me a few minutes to get in but I get it after 2 or 3 minutes. 
Welcome to week #2 of 6th Grade Math! This week is the Number System and we will learn about multiplying and dividing fractions. Please listen to the prerecorded video and review the handout. Give the worksheet a try and we will review the answers in the live Zoom Class. I know the worksheet does not include mixed numbers so we will do a few practices in class. 

Lesson 3

Hello All! Welcome to week #3 of 6th Grade Math! This week we work on Expression and Equations which means we do more practice with the order of operations and we practice some arithmetic to algebraic expressions. This week I have included a handout in addition to a helpful poster of the order of operations. As always, there is the pre-recorded video (I apologize in advanced for our Guinea Hens outside the window honking away). Then you have 2 worksheets to practice these math skills. I will see you in the live zoom class where we will go over the worksheets. See you then!

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Lesson 4

Hello everyone! Week #4 in 6th grade math is all about geometry so we will be discussing the basics for solving for area, surface area, and volume. 
Have a fun shaped week! 

Lesson 5

Wow, we are at the home stretch in week #5; just one more week left. Okay so in week 5 for 6th grade math we get to learn about statistics and probability. 


 Don’t be frightened because I made it easy for you, just take a look at the handout and watch the pre-recorded video then you’ll see how easy it will be to complete the practice worksheet. See you in the live class! 

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Lesson 6

It’s the final week for 6th grade math! I hope you all learned a lot and enjoyed doing so. This week there is no pre-recorded video because it is just a handout of a quick review of everything and then the final test, which in the live class we will go over the answers. Congratulations ahead of time! See you in class.


Pre-Recorded Video: NONE

Live Zoom Class: Friday, October 23 @11AM Join Zoom Meeting