American History

Learning the history of our country and the world around us is vitally important. We will post some videos of our history that we use in our own homeschool. Don’t see something you want more information on? Want us to cover a time period in more detail? Email us and let us know!

US History for Homeschoolers (Colonies to 1900)

Early American History for kids

Crash course US History

Schoolhouse Rock American History

1500 – 1600


A History of the Native Americans for Kids

Native American history for kids

1600 – 1700

The True Story of the First Thanksgiving

The Dark History of the First Thanksgiving


Jamestown and Yorktown, Virgina (History of Colonial America)

Introduction of Slavery

1700 – 1800

Life as a Child in the 18th century

Liberty Kids – American Revolution

American Revolution

Revolutionary War

1800 – 1900

The Story of The Star Spangled Banner

Westward Expansion

Civil War

The Industrial Revolution

1900 – 2000

Civil Rights Movement Timeline

The Great Depression

Stock Market Crash of 1929

World War I

World War II

The Holocaust

2000 – Present

Virtual Scavenger Hunt in Williamsburg, VA

Worksheets and Coloring Sheets

Native American History

The American Revolution

The Underground Railroad

The Civil War

Here is a fun writing activity to help your child review terms and concepts from the Civil War era. Learners will imagine being a soldier in the war and write a journal entry about their experience. To add to the challenge, have older writers use all the vocabulary terms in the box!

World War I

World War II

Civil Rights